Retail Therapy Hunting for Cool #WFH Pieces to Style With Your Stylish Shorts

Summer is in full swing, and the weather is only going to get hotter. Plus, this summer will be all about comfort. Many of us will be working from home and not taking our long-awaited vacations. There will not be large social gatherings and events will be kept to a minimum. For those of you who are overstaying on the couch in your sweats, this is the greatest time to up your work from home look to something more dynamic. Stand out in those video meetings with a super cool top or structured blazer. Summer this year will be different, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun. You can wear whatever you want around the house, and it can be the epitome of comfort or style. The following list will help you get into the groove for the most laid back summer you've had in a long time.

1) Play around in playsuits

Playsuits or rompers are easy to wear and incredibly comfortable. You can throw one on and lounge all day in it, but if the need arises, it looks fine enough to wear in public. Got errands to run? No big deal, a playsuit is cute as well as comfy thanks to its easy style. You can even turn into several different looks by throwing on a turtleneck blouse over it for a short / shirt combo or layering a more colorful satin top under your romper something more unique. Play around with prints, patterns, and textures to get the boldest stay at home look possible.



2) Kick back in biker shorts

Biker shorts have been a growing trend for some time now. They are bound to continue into the fall thanks to their versatility and comfort. Throw on a button-up snake print shirt for a casual-cool look. Pair a funky sports bra underneath for a look that goes straight from the gym to coffee. Of course, if you have a lot of client meetings or talks with the big boss, you need to up the ante a bit. Throw on a puff sleeve shirt over your shorts for business on top / casual on the bottom look. You can get away with looking great while also staying comfortable and true to yourself during this work from home time.



3) Oversized blazers look polished and comfortable

Oversize Blazers are a must for every fashion girl working from home right now. These babies are going to elevate any look you have from shorts to dresses. Plus, they will take you right into fall with their layered long sleeves. They have the ability to transform an athletic look into something office appropriate in seconds. Place a blazer over your shoulders and cinch with a belt. All you need are your extremely thick-framed glasses, chunky heels, and a mini bag to complete the look. This summer is all about making a statement even if you are stuck at home.




4) Move freely in loose cardigans and linen clothing

Nothing says the summer is here like breaking out your favorite linen pieces. Pair your favorite linen shorts with the cutest lace-trimmed camisole that can easily be dressed up or down with the right accessories. This is your chance to also pull out your well-loved linen pants. They are essentially pajama pants that are office appropriate. There is nothing better than a pair of ultra-comfy pants paired with a sexy tank top to offset the bagginess of the look. This is a trend that will never die as far as we are concerned. Go big or go home when it comes to the 90s inspired trends of tiny crop tops and looser pants. Pair with flip flops or kitten heels for the ultimate statement.

5) Get Comfortable in cute summer sandals and denim shorts

A pair of comfortable sandals for the summer look great with any shirt short combos. A simple black shirt always looks great with denim cut-off shorts. This looks relaxed and polished for a summer day working from your backyard, kitchen table, or even poolside. Of course, you can always throw on a cute summer cardigan  if you are feeling cold or if you want to look even more put together.


Cardigans are perfect when lightweight because they can double as tops too. Why bother with layers in this heart? A cardigan is in full representation of the early aughts, and we know you will channel your inner mean girl at any cost. Long live the summer cardigan!



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