Channel Your Favorite 90s Vibe with These Reels-Worthy Style

The 90s are still going strong this season. Just take a look on your FYP, and you will see that nearly every TikTok girl has her own version and style of this beloved era. Those of us who lived during the 90s are eager to channel the looks of our childhood but in a more adult form. We may have missed out on the original grunge era and rise of the slip dress, but that doesn't mean we can't do it today thanks to the revolution of cyclical fashion trends. 

A silk scarf as a top is nothing new, but this cute bandana shirt modernizes what many have been doing with their grandmother's scarves for decades. Pair it with oversized denim, platforms and half up pigtails for a look that easily translates to a modern look. It can easily go from concert to coffee, but it is for sure a daring look for those that like to show off their style and curves.

One of the biggest trends coming back into style is the slip dress. This one does everything right from the shorter length to its champagne color that is fit for a night in or out depending on your mood. It looks expensive without trying too hard. It is the perfect evening look for a girl who wants to stun.

If you are in the mood for the J-Lo style of the late 90s check out this gorgeous wrap bodysuit. The pale pink color is ideal for those who want to remain discreet and sexy. Wear it with a tight pencil skirt and stilettos to work, or pair it with tight denim jeans for a night out. Watch out because you will turn heads in this look.

Nothing will ever be as iconic as the cardigan. Seen on mean girls and the girl next door in every teen comedy, this piece become the one thing every teen girl had during the 90s. If you want to channel your inner preppy princess, then this cardigan with button detailing will help you achieve the look. This is both a sexy or sweet look depending on how you want to style it. There is nothing better than pairing a sweater with a bright tartan skirt and headband for a look that screams you might be more clueless than anyone else on the street.

Sailor shorts are a trend on the rise that are also reminiscent of this decade. Pair them with a tucked in bodysuit and a cardigan for a look that will bring you to the top of the style rung. These shorts are ideal for city escapes or beach weekends.

There seems to be plenty of nostalgia for images of the early 90s club scene with throbbing warehouse parties and glittery lights. Channel you inner club kid with this stunning purple halter top with rhinestone detailing. This is what girls wore to raves then, and this is what girls wear to raves now. Why should the look change if Acid House and Techno are still the beats popping in the club? This will get you to the party, and chances are you will never leave until the sun rises.

As the entire decade of the 90s is referenced across different designers, this skimpy cream dress is similar of a certain young hot French designer of the moment. If you want to look rich and pretend like you are on your way to a yacht party, then this is it. There is nothing better than knowing you are the hottest thing since Kate Moss wore a similar look in the early 90s. People will need to stay out of the way because you will channel your inner 90s super model sashay in this look for sure.

Want to be more on the grunge side of the 90s? Pair this adorable floral shift dress with combat boots and a flannel shirt. This type of look is inspired by the early 90s when rock music and Nirvana were taking over the air waves. Now, it is your chance to re-live a part of the decade you were too young or not even around for yet. Get ready to channel your inner rock goddess with this look.

As you can see, there are many looks for you to try with the pieces you see above. From clubber girl to super model, these looks will keep you going through the entire gauntlet of 90s inspiration. There is no reason why you can't look modern and nostalgic at the same time. Release your inner 90s kid and know that the best is yet to come. Embrace this decade of freedom and movement unlike every before. You will get caught up in the moment that you won't ever want to forget.

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