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"Fashion Suits" That Require Your Attention Right Now

"Fashion Suits" That Require Your Attention Right Now

Suits aren't usually something you associate with the fashion crowd. In fact, you might get some side eyes if you show up to the office in a suit if you work in a creative field. They just are not very modern. However, that does not mean that the suit can't have its moment as part of a wider "fashion suit" movement. The look is a classic, and it takes an iconic piece and modernizes it for today's creative woman on the move.

What exactly is a fashion suit? In short, these are pieces that have unique detailing or styling elements that separate them from Wall Street 1980s power suits and your grandmother's boucle jacket. The modern suit is fashionable in separates or on its own. They will consist of an Oversized Blazer or a fitted jacket and matching suit pants, skirt or dress. It will be modern in the way it is styled such as with over-sized buttons or a cropped silhouette. The key is to find a suit that will look impeccable with great tailoring or ensure it fits just right. The modern fashion suit is here to stay and play.

Style Your Fashion Suit

The first thing you need to be aware of is how to properly style your fashion suits women's look. Gone of the corporate outfits of yesterday with defined shoulders and sharp cuts. Today's blazer is looser and more relaxed. Pair our Lisa Business Casual Oversized Blazer over a pair of paper bag shorts in a contrasting color. It will also look just as great over some jeans with a plain white tee shirt. The great thing about a blazer is that it instantly adds some refinery to your look. There is no need to worry about being underdressed because a blazer elevates your style even with the most casual of looks.

MUSE Fashion Business Casual Oversized Blazer
This spring consider pairing lightweight jackets such as the Boss Babe Oversized Blazer with a flowing maxi dress or a printed ankle-length skirt. The contrast between the fitted suit jacket and the playful, fun dress will bring some much-needed style points to your game this season.

Besides, many people are working from home this season. Throwing on a blazer over a comfortable dress will instantly add a more professional element to your outfit. Why bother dressing up in an entirely professional look when all you need to add is a simple blazer? Pop it on for a call, and take it off when you are binging your favorite series. Looking good doesn't mean you can't be comfortable when it comes to your fashion suits women's choices.

Of course, you can always do the reverse and pair suit pants women with a tee shirt to make your look more casual. Business suit pants are usually very well-tailored, and they can elongate your legs. They look amazing on their own even without a matching blazer. It is never a wrong idea to separate a matching suit set for your own benefit.

Take Your Suit to a Party

Why keep the suit as a boring business commodity when it deserves to have some fun. This is where a great blazer dress can come into play. Every working woman needs to invest in a great blazer dress long sleeve or with short sleeves. This is one look that is sexy, but chic. A blazer dress for women can really offer a demure alternative to the slinky slip dress. Plus, blazer dress outfits can easily take you from night to day. Simply pair a strand of pearls and high heels with your blazer dress grey at work during the day. At night, switch you sensible heels for stilettos, and you will be ready for a night out.


Of course, you can also channel your inner 1970s disco darling with a smoking jacket and cigarette pants. Wear your suit blazer with a crop top or a barely their bandeau bra for a look that will have people turning their heads when you walk into the room. Whoever said suits were boring never really knew how to style them.

Expect the unexpected with high fashion suits

Go bold or go home when it comes to high fashion suits. These pieces are designed to impress with their incredible cut and fabric choices. Pick women's skirts suits in luxurious fabrics and timeless styles. Consider the unexpected with detailing such as maybe a cloth belt, a pop of color trim, or even an unexpected length such as with Capri suit pants.

MUSE Fashion Capri Suit Pants

Don't be shy when it comes to outfitting your closet with fashion suits ladies. You want to stand out, and a great suit will take you to the next level. Know your worth and understand that the fashion suit will make your wardrobe shine for both works and play.

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