5 Unique Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day That Aren’t Dinner and a Movie

We’ll just say it: love rules. At M.USE Fashion, we love, and whether you’re heading out with your date this Valentine’s Day or spending a night with your best girlfriends in the world, we think February 14th should be full of fun and adventure. 

Translation: not another dinner and a movie. 

Sure, a candlelit dinner and a dark movie theater seems romantic, but is it really the only way to spend Valentine’s Day? Of course not! Instead, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite V-day plans that aren’t the typical dinner + movie combo and the outfits to go along with them. So start thinking outside the box and begin planning Valentine’s Day to remember with our tips below.

01 Wander around an art museum

If you ask us, there’s something innately dreamy about wandering around art museums whether you’re in a completely new city or visiting your neighborhood favorite. So why not ditch the movie theater and head there for Valentine’s Day instead? Imagine standing close to your bae, heads tilted in and whispering about what each of you interprets from a painting. Gah, so romantic, right? 

And the art museum is not just for those in long term relationships, either. It’s a great spot for those early in their coupledom who are still a bit shy around each other, as the quietness of a museum takes a bit of the pressure off of having to maintain an ongoing conversation. (Thank us later.) And don’t forget your Galentines! Many art museums offer wine nights, so get your best gals together and put on your best dresses as you sip away in a beautiful surrounding.

The artsy edit:

Olivia Retro Stripe Dress

MUSE Fashion Olivia Retro Stripe Dress

Night at the Museum Dress

MUSE Fashion Night at the Museum Dress

Valentina Slip Dress

MUSE Fashion Valentina Slip Dress

02 Go for a hike or attend a workout class

It’s so easy to Netflix and chill when you’re a new couple, we all do it. But there comes a point where you can’t watch any more rom-coms or reruns of Friends together without feeling the need to give your legs a little stretch.

Get your heart rate pumping and take in some fresh air this Valentine’s Day by going for a hike together, whether its a brisk walk in a state park or a breezy coastal path. Or plan a workout class you’ve both been wanting to try but didn’t want to go alone. Not only will you get a chance to enjoy some movement together, but you’ll both be left with feel-good endorphins afterward, too!

The comfy cute edit:

Paloma Tapered Joggers

MUSE Fashion Paloma Tapered Joggers

Snake Print Biker Shorts

MUSE Fashion Snake Print Biker Shorts

03 Be a tourist in your own city

Sure, racking up those airline miles and crossing cities off bucket lists are fun, but all too often we overlook gems in our own city. Whether you’re planning a night with your best girls or your bae, commit to seeing your city through the eyes of a tourist. Go to places you’ve always wanted to try but never make it to, catch a play, try a restaurant you’ve never dined at before, or consider checking in to a fancy hotel for a mini-staycation, even if it’s only for a night!

The city slicker edit:

Victoria Wrap Coat

MUSE FASHION Victoria Wrap Coat

Olive You More Slick Trench Coat

MUSE FASHION Olive You More Slick Trench Coat

04 Cooking Class

Okay, we definitely said to ditch the dinner and movie cliche, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little cooking! Go ahead and embrace your inner Julia Child and sign up for a cooking class together. They’re such a fun way to learn about different cuisines or try out different dishes you wouldn’t normally try at home. Plus, taking classes can feel just as romantic as candlelight and fancy food, and because it’s something new you tried together, it’s way more likely to be a memorable date night than a typical movie and dinner.

The chef edit:

Big Sur Sweater with Fringe

MUSE Fashion Big Sur Sweater with Fringe

Jasmine Turtleneck Dress

MUSE Fashion Jasmine Turtleneck Dress

Geneva Turtleneck

MUSE Fashion Geneva Turtleneck

05 Road trip 

Whether you’re jamming out to your favorite tunes, laughing away at a podcast or having deep conversations together, road trips are an unconventional (and great!) way to spend Valentine’s Day. And like any trip, the planning is half the fun, so get out the maps a couple of days before to start planning your routes and places to stop off—whether it’s a scenic site or a must-try foodie spot. The time away (even if it’s short-lived!) will reconnect you and build memories you’ll never forget.

The wanderlust edit:

Boho Yoga Hippie Pants Red

MUSE FASHION Boho Yoga Hippie Pants Red

Cairo Long Sleeve Sweater

MUSE Fashion Cairo Long Sleeve Sweater

Sahara Nights Faux Shearling Coat

MUSE Fashion Sahara Nights Faux Shearling Coat

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